AP Statistics

Displaying Data

Stem Plots in Statistics

Histograms in Statistics

Making histograms, boxplots,and timeplots with a graphing calculator

Catagorical Graphs in Statistics

Describing Distributions

Describing Distributions in Statistics

Determining Skewness In Ogive Graphs

Resistance, Mean, Median, 5 Number Summary and BoxPlots

Standard Deviation Preview and IQR Test

Distribution Shapes, Ogive Graphs, and Time Plots

Density Curves & Normal Distributions

Standard Deviation and Linear Transformations

Density Curves, Empirical Rule & Normality, Z-score Intro

Normal Probability Plots & the TI-84

z-score Calculations & Percentiles in a Normal Distribution

Z score Calculations and Calculator Normcdf InvNorm Probabilities

TI-NSPIRE Z score to Pval & Pval to Zscore NormCDF invNorm

Scatter Plots & Linear Regression Model

Scatter Plot Intro and Lurking Variables defined

Intro of Corellation "r" to measure linear strength

Outlier vs Influential Point

Regression lines, Residual plots, and Correlation with TI-NSpire

Least Squares Regression Line Notes

Regression Lines and Correlation with TI-84

Log Transformation Part 1

Log Transformations Part 2

Log Transformations with a TI-NSPIRE

Use of Graphing Calculator

Histogram,Boxplot,Dot Plot, & Normal Prob Plot on TI-NSPIRE

Scatter Plot, Linear Reg, Correlation & Residuals with TI-NSPIRE

Log Transformations with TI-84

Log Tranformation with TI-NSPIRE

Introduction to Categorical Variables

Simpson's Paradox

Relationship between catagorical variables in a 2 way table

Evidence of Causation

Causation Defined & 5 Key Checks for Signs of Causation

Sampling Techniques and Experimental Design

Sampling Techniques Part 1

Sampling Techniques Part 2

Cautions about Sample Surveys, Causes of Bias, and Inference defined

Sampling Techniques & Cautions (Full Length)

Experimental Design Part 1

Experimental Design Part 2

Simulation Notes for Statistics


Intro to Probabilities in Statistics (Full Length)

Intro to Probabilities Part 1

Intro to Probabilities Part 2

Intro to Probabilities Part 3

General Probability Rules (Full Length)

General Probability Rules Part 2

General Probability Rules Part 1

Discrete & Continuous Variables

Discrete & Continuous Random Variables (Full Length)

Discrete & Continuous Variables Part 1

Discrete & Continuous Variables Part 2

TI-NSPIRE Discrete Random Variable Mean & Standard Deviation

Combining Means and Variances

Combining Means and Variance in Statistics

Combining Means and Variance Examples

Binomial and Geometric Setting

Binomial Setting & Binomial Distribution in Statistics Pt 1

Binomial Setting & Binomial Distribution in Statistics Pt 2

Geometric Setting & Distribution in Statistics

One Sample Mean & Central Limit Theorem One Sample Proportions

Calculating 1-Var Statistics with a TI-NSPIRE

Intro to Sample Mean Distribution and Central Limit Theorem

1 Sample Mean Z-Test Example

Introduction of Sample Proportions

Example of 1 Sample Proportion Z-test

N-SPIRE 1 Proportion Z-Test Example

Understanding One Sample Confidence Intervals

Intro to Confidence Intervals & 1 Sample Mean z Interval

1 Sample Mean t-Confidence Interval

Matched Pairs t Confidence Interval

1 Sample Proportion z Confidence Interval

One Sample Significance Tests & Power

Significance Hypothesis Test Intro & Matched Pairs t-Test

2 Sided Hypothesis Tests & Confidence Intervals

Type 1 Error Type 2 Error Power 1 Sample Mean Hypothesis z-Test

Power of a T Test 1 Sample Mean

Power 1 Sample Proportion z-Test (2 Sided)

Two Sample Significance Tests & Confidence Intervals

2 Sample Mean t-test & Confidence Interval

2 Sample Mean Hypothesis t Test & Confidence Interval Example w/ TI-NSPIRE

2 Proportions Pooled Hypothesis z-test & Confidence Intervals

TI-NSPIRE Discrete Random Variable Mean & Standard Deviation

Chi Square

Chi Square Goodness of Fit Test

TI-NSPIRE Chi Square Goodness of Fit Test

Chi Square Test for Independence & Homogeneity

TI-NSPIRE Chi Square Test on 2 Way Tables

Chi Square Calculation by Hand

Linear Regression t Test and Confidence

Linear Regression t test and Confidence Interval Corrected